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A toasty fireplace. Hot cocoa. Fuzzy slippers. Just thinking about these items can give one a sense of coziness.

And at this time of year, when friends and family are visiting, it is important to make them feel warm and welcome as well. There perhaps is no greater sign of comfort than the smell of a wonderful dinner cooking as one walks through the door.

For a visitor to a holiday get-together, it means the people in the kitchen have been working hard to show their love and appreciation by cooking a meal with all the delicious fixins’. A full, warm belly can make just about anyone feel cozy, and with turkey on the menu maybe even cozy enough to fall asleep in the La-Z-Boy recliner.

In addition to the warmth of a home-cooked meal, a cozy atmosphere can also be created by decorating with flickering candles, real or faux, or toasty blankets draped over the sofa or lounge chair.

A welcoming atmosphere can also be created by displaying old family photos or even including photos from previous gatherings for people to look at and talk about. This may also be a good time to blow the dust off the old family photo albums, which often hold memories of past holiday gatherings and gift-opening sessions.

In terms of gift giving, most stores offer a variety of cozy gifts, from cashmere sweaters to fuzzy socks and slippers, to ultra-warm outer gear such as knit hats, gloves and scarves. Such items often come in matching sets, and each time the person wears them the pieces will remind them of you and your warmth.

In terms of food and drink, one can’t go wrong with hot cocoa or even hot tea. There are several varieties and flavors to choose from to make the nights and days of winter seem less harsh and cold. The old favorite for many is simply hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows. Some herbal teas, such as chamomile, claim to have properties to soothe.

How do make your home and yourself feel cozy?

∫ For Bridgeport native Bill Garrison, there are several things that make his home feel cozy this time of year.

“My electric fireplace, wax warmers with wintertime scents, and lit Christmas decorations in normally dark and boring corners of the house put there by my wife, Stacy,” Garrison said.

∫ Brookside resident Shannon Young enjoys the sparkly lights of the season.

“The most cozy thing to me is sitting in the dark with just the tree lit. Me and mom used to relax like that when I was little,” Young said.

∫ For Bridgeport resident Terra King, the sounds of the season make her feel good inside. “Music, music, music! The magic of a holiday song puts a smile on my face, day and night,” King said.

∫ Bridgeport native Jess Cordery says he enjoys, “laying with my Snuggie on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa. (And) watching the kids play!”

∫ Martins Ferry resident Michelle Sadosky looks forward to getting cozy when it’s cold outside.

“The one thing that means cozy to me during the holidays is when there is a lot of snow outside and it is cold. Being unable to drive anywhere so you make some hot chocolate and cuddle on the couch with a few blankets and have a movie marathon,” she said.

∫ Weirton resident Stephanie Conaway Pettit enjoys her cozy time, too.

“Sitting here with the tree lights glowing, in my fleece PJs, and enjoying family time,” she said.


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