Bad Roads


This message is in response to your May 6, 2012 Opinion. The tour of Belmont County to which you refer, obviously did not include a trip north from St. Clairsville on Ohio 9.

Were you to do so, you would be exposed to the deplorable road conditions with which the driving public must contend on a daily basis. The road edges and berms are the worst that I have ever seen, having driven in 49 of the 50 states.

Before you and Commissioner Favede loudly proclaim the glowing attributes of your county, you should make this drive. Driving Ohio 9, from St. C. north to the Harrison County line is like driving a mine field.

Drivers in both directions crowd the center line trying to avoid the chuck holes and edge subsidence. I have given up trying to estimate how many of these pot holes, etc exist. Each time I make the trip, there are more to see.

This is not a question of “IF a fatal head-on accident will occur”, but rather “WHEN will it occur”. I would suggest that some of the county funds which are currently being used to create window dressingto attract new business be used to address this potentially fatal situation.

If funding is an issue, go to Valley Mining and other coalhaulers to correct the problems they help create.

Richard Newmaker

New Athens