Dear Editor,

I have known Gov. Tomlin since the time he was Senate President. Governor Tomlin has helped me get some good bills into the Senate and get them passed, like the Cross Bow bill for veterans and handicapped citizens, these bills were signed by former Governor Joe Manchin.

Governor Tomlin tries to introduce bills that will benefit the citizens of West Virginia. For example, he is trying to make safety standard requirements better for our miners who risk their lives every day. There are people who make statements that Gov. Tomlin is trying to stop miners from working, however, this is not true. The EPA is setting standards that are forcing our miners to terminate their work both underground and on the surface. I thought we had them wiped out 10 years ago. If it was left up to EPA there would be no jobs in West Virginia. Mahoney and others like him are a bunch of bologna.

As stated previously, I have had to opportunity to work with Governor Tomlin and he knows the laws and tries to get the best for the citizens of West Virginia.

Speaking of giving credit, where credit is due, I don’t think the people give Obama credit for what he has done. I retired from General Motors and if it would not have been for President Obama bailing out General Motors there would be thousands who lost jobs and pensions. One thing for sure, he has done what he promised. he bought our soldiers back from Afghanistan and extended unemployment. He has worked to make America a better place to live. We got to get jobs back to America and stop outsourcing to other countries.

Ringo Nelson

Keyser, WV