Dear Editor,

I have listened to every representative we have in Washington go on and on that they have to reform entitlements. Well, I think my opinion is much better than theirs:

First – Why don’t you all give up your Cadillac Escalades and start driving a Cavalier? What makes you any better than a regular citizen?

Second – Why don’t you all give up your flower fund, liquor cabinet and fancy dinners? Don’t you think that would save lots of money?

Third – Why don’t you all fly home on a commercial airline, and take Nancy Pelosi’s private plane off her! And since we all have to pay for our airline tickets out of our pockets to go home for any of the holidays, so can you. More money saved. What makes you all more special than the tax payer?

Fourth – Why don’t we set a smaller budget for all your little seminars, maybe at a Red Roof Inn instead of places that cost us millions of dollars, then find out about the messages, the prostitutes, and bottles of wine, taking your spouse with you? Don’t you feel like you are slapping your constituents in the face? Who do you think you are?

Fifth – Why don’t you have to pay for your medical care yourself like we middle class people do? Since most of you make more money than the middle class, don’t you think you could pay for medical, after all you have the BEST plan in the Country.

Sixth – Why don’t you take a cut in pay, you gave people on Social Security a 1.7 percent raise and you got a thousand dollars, now is that a month or a year? Social Security gets possibly $30, then Medicare takes $6-7 dollars, so I have to ask do you think we are stupid out here, sounds to me like you don’t want to loose your ENTITLEMENTS.

Seventh – Why, Why, Why, did you pass the Fiscal Cliff Bill without reading it? What makes you think you can throw away our hard earned money, just to please your own selfish inclinations? If I spent someone else’s money the way you all and the President does, Id’ be sitting in a jail cell, but you know what upsets me the most, you act like you are doing so much for me, I love NASCAR but why did you give everyone’s hard earned money to them? Can’t we just buy our own tickets?

Eighth – Why don’t you have a set amount for the President’s vacations, after all $11 million for Christmas is a little bit much (and he doesn’t even believe in Christmas) the worst part of this is, it is only one and I mean one vacation – TALK ABOUT ENTITLEMENTS.

Ninth – Why don’t you pay for your children’s college loans? You all make enough money. Most people don’t know about this little perk do they, but now they do.

Tenth – Last but not last, how about starting at the top and then going down, you folks in Washington are not getting paid enough, but the people, I know are not getting enough, they have to either eat or pay for medicine and they damned well aren’t getting all the perks you all do.

On to Social Security – How dare you people talk about Entitlements? When you have given Social Security to people who never paid a dime into it? How dare you talk about fixing it when, if you people hadn’t robbed it three times, there would still be money there. How dare you talk about Social Security and cutting it, when you all voted yourselves a pension out of it for the rest of your lives? So tell me why you still deserve to be my representative, when you have stabbed us in the back and lied to us for so many years.

I truly don’t care if you are rich or poor, but you people in Washington are supposed to represent us and are supposed to be trustworthy, yeah right! I ask not that you take care of us. We can do that ourselves but for God’s sake grow a spine and stand up for right, not wrong… One more thing, it takes a moment to sell your integrity, but it takes a lifetime to regain just part of it.

I want to thank all our service men and women and I want you all to know how proud we are of you. God Bless You one and all.

Barb Redlinger