Dear Editor,

They people of Powhatan Point have the most generous hearts. We already sent out a letter thanking those who helped with our canned food drive for our holiday baskets. This letter is for the other organizations, companies, banks, churches, food stores, dentists and most of all the many individuals who helped us provide food, necessities and gifts for 77 needy families. This was one of our biggest years in the number of families we were able to help. You hope every year it will get smaller, not bigger, but that did not happen. We served a total of 210 people of which 72 were children. Each of the children were given two or three gifts. The adults were given gift bags filled with necessities. Everyone was given hats and gloves. Some very lovely homemade wreaths were given to seven lucky people.

Without all of you, we wouldn’t be going into our 31st year. To the many people who visited our yard sales and enjoy our great prices, and to all those individuals who work so hard not only preparing for our sales, but helping to fill and pass out the baskets. You are the reason the needy cupboard is successful.

We “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts.

Luke 6:38 says: “Give and it shall be given unto you.”

May each of you prosper this year. We are so blessed to have friends and neighbors like you at the Good Samaritan Needy Cupboard.


Karen Doty

Anna Marie “Caldwell” Patterson

Dawn Jackson

Powhatan Point