Dinner Thanks


I would like to thank everyone who donated items to our spaghetti dinner: Kroger, Riesbecks and Sue Levi.

I want the thank the Times Leader for the great picture and all the articles about the dinner.

Tabitha Fulst, swim coach, swim parents who worked and baked wonderful desserts for us.

Jay Thomas and the staff from the Rec Center worked their behinds off helping me make 690 meatballs and cooking about 30 lbs of noodles and having enough energy to clean up the kitchen after the dinner. Not one person complained about doing anything I asked of them and that is very rare!

We had some young swimmers who also served, wrapped silverware, and made up all the take out orders and salads. These young people were awesome and also never complained.

We served about 150 dinners. Thanks to everyone who came to the dinner to support the pool.

There was lots of love passed out Sunday in the way of people who worked and people who came to the dinner. Lots of hugs and praise for the way we all worked together made it all worthwhile.

We are planning a pancake breakfast with Mickey Mouse waffles, sausage and a beverage on May 18 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Rec Center.?I hope to see lots of Martins Ferry people.

These fundraisers will help keep our pool open for all to enjoy this summer.

Thanks again,

Georgi Riser

Martins Ferry