Letters to the Editor

Make your choice

Dear Editor,

As Americans we have the freedoms most other countries don’t have, to express ourselves freely, but at what cost? Our words have enormous power! They can build us up or tear us down, be a blessing or a curse. Every day we listen to vicious, bitter, hateful words every time we turn on our TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter and also in most newspapers. Hateful words have terrible consequences. They have the ability to stir up anger, tear apart families, friendships, marriages, reputations, careers, churches, and now the government.

Our biased news media and commentators have become the messengers for political bullying. America is spinning out of control and being ripped apart by an intolerant mob rule that is using intimidation tactics, violence, and even death threats in an attempt to silence opposing views on every major issue facing us in order to get their own way and to crush America into submission! American cities have become filled with anarchy and lawlessness which oppose civil authority. Intolerant college students riot over opposing views. There is a generation that is senselessly gratified by rioting, looting, including burning places of business, churches, and our American flag.

For more than 200 years the American flag has been a symbol of freedom, liberty, pride and human rights and its burning demonstrates a clear hatred toward America. The irony is the same people who burn the flag live in all the comforts, opportunities, and freedoms the flag represents that patriotic men and women died for. The Supreme Court’s ruling in 2006 allows the burning of our flag as freedom of expression, and it is protected under the First Amendment. Many agree it’s OK as long as no one is being harmed. I wonder, though, if we have become so accustomed to all of it, that we are unable to recognize that America has already been harmed?

If that’s not enough, there are those who believe it’s time for Christians to stop waving our Bibles and spend more time on history? As a proud, non-apologetic Bible-waving Christian my response is that we need to be waving our Bibles more and praying fervently, especially for our leaders and the president. The Bible, a gift from God, is our history and instruction book! It took 40 authors around 1,500 years to complete the Bible with amazing consistency. Of all the ancient works only the Bible comes to us intact. From Genesis to Revelation, the major theme never changes. Isn’t it time for us Christians to stop watering down Jesus’ message?

“Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18:21. Which will you choose?

Judi Phillips


Address drug costs

Dear Editor,

I am a disabled Vietnam veteran, husband, father and grandfather who is concerned that many Americans are struggling to afford prescription medications. Seniors on Medicare, working people with private health insurance and the uninsured are all feeling the brunt of increased pharmaceutical costs. Those with chronic conditions are being hit especially hard. Our elected officials need to take a look at this problem right now, and we have to start working toward a solution.

I receive my medications through the VA, but my wife is not able to, so we have to pay for some of hers out of pocket. She’s on Medicare and has a supplemental plan, and she needs medication for several health concerns, including high blood pressure and a thyroid condition. These medications are a huge help in keeping her healthy, but they cost us a couple of hundred dollars each month.

We have both been retired for about five years now, and the cost of prescription drugs has only risen during that time. It’s pretty tough to fit these costs into our budget. Our policymakers in Washington must think about what it would be like to live in a household struggling with this issue. If they were to spend two days in the ER where my daughter works and observe the people seeking care, they would realize this matter deserves their immediate attention. We must lower the cost of prescription medications.


William Sutak

Martins Ferry

Nation on the brink

Dear Editor,

Our great nation is far too precious to squander. But today we are on the brink. Congress, both Democrats and Republicans and the United States citizenry in general, have a huge problem. That problem is Donald Trump! It’s high time Congress develops some backbone and does whatever is necessary to stop this disgrace upon our country.

History tells us very plainly what happens to nations when they put a mentally unbalanced tyrant in charge; for example, Caligula and Mussolini, and Hitler.

Congress needs to abolish the Electoral College before we get burned again. Everyone’s vote should count! One man or woman, one vote should prevail. Some may yell, “politics as usual,” but our problem is way beyond the realm of politics. In this nuclear age we are fighting for our survival and for future generations.


Ken Williams