How to recycle your Christmas tree

When choosing a real Christmas tree for holiday celebrations, consumers should think about the many ways that trees can be repurposed after the holiday season. Some towns collect discarded trees to use them for various purposes. However, homeowners can get in on the action as well. The Old Farmer’s Almanac offers these great ideas for post-holiday tree use.

¯ Prop up the tree near a bird feeder to provide another perch and shelter to birds that stick close to home in winter, such as chickadees and finches.

¯ String the tree with various treats for birds and put it in a sheltered location. Ideas include homemade suet, cranberries and millet.

¯ Mulch the tree and use it in the garden in the spring.

¯ Use boughs to insulate perennials in the garden.

¯ Keep some branches to use as kindling in a wood stove or fireplace, or as aromatic logs for next year’s yule fire.

¯ Sink an old tree in a personal pond. Fish and tadpoles will live and lay eggs around this sheltered area.

¯ Collect some pine needles and sew them into fabric packets to make scented sachets for closets or drawers.


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