Hot soup on a cold day

I made my first successful and tasty, mostly vegetable soup the other day and I’m looking forward to doing it again. Even my young son Henry liked it, so I can add it to the short list of things he will eat that doesn’t involve chocolate or marshmallows.

It was just after payday and before we had a chance to get to the store yet. I looked in my fridge and cupboards and decided to take a crack at it.

I peeled and cut up some whole carrots, celery, onion, some leftover bean and ham soup still in the Crockpot, and threw it into a big pan of water seasoned with two chicken bouillon cubes.

I decided it needed more protein so I put my last frozen chicken breast in the pot as well and let it all boil for about 45 minutes. When the chicken was done, I took it out, cut it up and put in back in the pan. Before the time was up I decided I needed another ingredient so I threw a cup of whole grain rice into to the pot as well.

After giving it a taste I decided it needed some salt. Since I couldn’t seem to find my salt shaker, I put in about a half a tablespoon, or maybe less, of Tony Chachere’s seasoning salt. And bon appetit! Soup was served. It would have been extra good with some Italian bread; maybe I’ll buy some next time.

Along with it tasting good and fresh, it was also striking to look at. The carrots were the prettiest color of orange — bright and healthy looking.

Now I think I might be on a soup kick. Ever since that day I’ve been wanting to try and make new and different soups. I’ll let you know how it goes. If anyone would like to share a favorite soup recipe, please do send it in! Happy cooking!

Hanson can be reached at shanson@timesleaderonline.com.


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