BLJHS Literacy Night to features escape rooms

Buckeye Local Jr. High School is looking to attract families to literacy night festivities by offering a fun night of sleuthing.

Activities are set for 6:30 p.m. March 10 and will include a series of four escape rooms based upon core educational subjects such as math, science, English/Language Arts and social studies.

Families must solve clues to get through the rooms and there is a chance to earn a prize. Jr. High Principal Jason Kovalski said literacy night is held each year as required by Title I and he organized the event with a committee of teachers. The escape room concept was suggested by teacher Kimberly Amos, who was inspired by a similar activity at the school.

“Amos came up with the idea because our enrichment teacher, Kimberly Smith, has been doing this in class and the kids love it. The escape rooms are timed and cards give hints to move along,” he explained. “There are four escape rooms and each one is tied to some curriculum, and in order to get clues to the room the families will have to answer a series of questions. Everyone who completes the process will have their name put in for a drawing.”

Kovalski said the winner will receive a gift card as a reward. Refreshments will also be available and organizers hope the mystery theme will draw plenty of participants.

“It’s about getting the community involved in what’s going on with the school,” Kovalski noted.


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