Be together at a distance

Social distancing should not limit our emotional connection and support for others

With the outbreak of COVID-19, it has become challenging to resume our usual routine, even simple activities such as going outside, attending social events, playing sports, and accessing to your health care provider. For a difficult time like this, it is critical to stay connected with others and fight this pandemic together.

Social distancing is not the same as social isolation. Social distancing is keeping distance to avoid exposure and spread of COVID-19. Examples of social distancing are avoiding large public gatherings, places, and people who might have had contact with COVID-19. Social isolation, however, occurs when you might have had contact with someone with COVID-19 and started experiencing symptoms. You are not to leave home to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

It is hard to feel connected with others when your access to public places is limited. People with a pre-existing mental health condition and/ or those who have a limited support system can especially experience an increased level of negative emotions such as feeling depressed, anxious, lonely, hopeless, and more. We can still stay connected with others by utilizing online platform/ technology, phoning/ writing friends, attending online meetings, spending quality time with loved ones, checking in with friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and showing support for each other.

Please know that our local behavioral health care providers are open and prepared to provide services in new ways such as telehealth, fax, or email. If you would like to discuss a concern with a professional, you can call the 24-hour crisis line 800-354-4357. You can also visit our website at http://bhmboard.org that has additional information and resources for local mental health and substance abuse services in our communities and COVID-19 related information.


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