Wilson Furniture provides nearly $100,000 in free furniture to holiday promo winners

T-L Photo/CARRI GRAHAM Wilson Furniture associates pose for a photo after announcing the winners of the store’s “If it snows on Christmas, all your furniture is free” promotion. The store gave away nearly $100,000 in free furniture to contest winners. Pictured, from left, are Jason Wilson, store owner; Robbie Yoho, sales associate; and Carol Saffield, sales manager.

BRIDGEPORT — Wilson Furniture has made the new year a little brighter for more than 60 families throughout the Ohio Valley who will receive free furniture through its white Christmas holiday promotion.

Last weekend, the Bridgeport furniture store confirmed the winners of its “If it snows on Christmas, all your furniture is free” promotion. The initiative provides customers who purchased furniture between Dec. 4 and Dec. 17 with free merchandise if it snowed more than 4 inches on Christmas Day. Snowfall accumulated 5.1 inches during the holiday.

Store owner Jason Wilson said the store will now pay off the purchases of more than 60 families who purchased furniture during the designated time frame of the contest, totaling nearly $100,000 in free furniture. Wilson said he felt that offering the promotion was an excellent way to end 2020 and provide a little holiday cheer to customers.

“I believe if you’re going to buy furniture for Christmas, why not go to the store where you might get it for free. … I think people need some positiveness right now. It’s been a tough 2020 and getting started in 2021 I think this is a great motivator, it’s exciting, it’s fun and everyone likes to get stuff for free,” he said.

Wilson said he was happy to have helped make the holidays a little better for those who won.

It took the business a couple weeks to verify the results through its insurance company, Wilson said.

“The insurance company requires a certified correct weather report to certify the results. With the Christmas holiday and the New Year’s holiday, there was a little bit of a delay and the information didn’t come out as quickly as we had hoped,” he said.

Once the results were certified on Jan. 9, the store began contacting customers throughout the Ohio Valley who had purchased furniture during the promotion. Wilson said the customers have been thrilled to receive the newsthat they won.

“It was a white Christmas and the promotion was a success. Everyone we’ve contacted has been very excited, we’re excited about it,” he said. “Furniture is something people use every day, so people are really happy about it. It’s been a really positive thing, and I think we all need a positive right now.”

Customers may either choose to receive a full refund for their purchase or use the money to purchase additional furniture in the store, he said.

Wilson said the store is one of only two companies in the state that held a similar contest.

The contest has been held on-and-off for the past 20 years and will continue the tradition next year for the holidays as well, he said.


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