Check for unclaimed funds

As we approach the end of February, Unclaimed Funds Month may be wrapping up, but that does not end the opportunity to check with the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Unclaimed Funds about whether there is money being held in your name.

Department of Commerce data shows about one in seven people in the United States has unclaimed funds. In Ohio, the department is “safeguarding more than $4 billion in unclaimed funds.”

“Many unclaimed funds belong to individuals who are over the age of 50, as well as some individuals who have passed away,” Superintendent Akil Hardy said. “To ensure these funds get to the appropriate individuals, it’s important that Ohioans, in addition to searching their own names, take a moment to search the names of any parents, grandparents, or other older loved ones.”

There are three steps to the search: go to unclaimedfunds.ohio.gov; gather the required supporting documents; and send the information to the division.

If $139 million in lost or forgotten money was returned to Ohioans last year, imagine how much more might go back if there is another concerted effort to seek out the money.

For those who are reluctant to try the online option, the Division of Unclaimed Funds can be reached at 614-466-4433, too.

Maybe there is nothing, maybe there is a little, maybe there is a lot. Whatever the case, Ohioans are better off knowing and being able to take action, if necessary. Take advantage of the available means to contact the division now. You never know what might be waiting.


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