I attended the Switzerland of Ohio board meeting on March 19. I am wounded and hurt by what happened. But not dead and certainly not forgotten.

Three of the board members have essentially awakened the sleeping lion. No more Mr Nice Guy.

The lion is going to roar and roar loudly. At this point I don’t care who I offend. I can’t believe the arrogance and audacity that Mr. Hall displayed at the meeting. WOW what a power trip.

In the beginning you said we have choice of schools. Now you state that you have the final say determined by where we live. How nice of you.

First you evict the Devils from their home school, then essentially admit you lied to them. I also cannot believe that the survival of BHS was based on a Facebook comment. What has this society become where Facebook is revered and considered more important then our childrens education. For those who did not attend, yes I spoke at the meeting. And while it seemed they all listened to me, I noticed that when others spoke they riffled papers and talked to each other. Got up and walked around the room. While I applaud the students and coaches at River for their accomplishments, it was an eyeopener seeing the demeaner of the board changed when all that was done, and the subject of BHS started.

Mr Erlwein, I hope that you realize when you say “we are the laughing stock of the Ohio,” that it is yourself and your constituents, Curriculum is your responsibility, not the taxpayers and the students.

In closing I’d like to say this: “While patting yourselves on the back, please also reach down and little farther and pull your heads back to your shoulders and look at the facts in front of you.”

Forever and Always


BHS Alumni

Class of 1990

Joe Thomas



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