Concerns about dogs’ deaths linger

Dear Editor:

I felt like I had to write back to the Rev. Dalton Hinds.

Rev. Hinds, I read your letter at least 10 times, and it concerns me about what you said. You said in your letter that you would have done the same thing that (Michael) Chedester did (he pleaded guilty to two counts of knowingly causing serious physical harm to a companion animal for shooting and killing two dogs on his own property that belonged to Pete Byers on Nov. 28). I assume you are a property owner and you would have shot those dogs if they were on your property. It bothers me that you are supposedly a man of God and you are heartless to kill two living things, just because they got loose from their owner and went on your property. I wonder what God and Jesus would say to you and how they love the animals to put them on Earth.

Rev. Hinds, I am an animal lover and I totally love and believe in God. I own a little piece of property myself, but if I saw my neighbor’s dogs running loose, I would try to catch them and take them home.

There were other neighbors on their four-wheelers out helping the owner try to get the dogs and they heard two gunshots. They did not deserve death because they got away. Do you even care how it would feel, because these dogs become our friend and family? Dog is backwards for God. Is a piece of land that valuable to you, Reverend? I sure am glad that I don’t go to your church.

My opinion is that Mr. Chedester killed those dogs because he said he was bored (hearsay) … I often wondered if he had done this before? Can’t prove it. I also asked myself, does he have a heart? I have heard people talking, but that is none of my business. I was hoping for a trial by jury and I wanted to be on it, because I knew he would not get hardly any jail time, and I think he deserved the two years. Do I think this taught him a lesson? Yeah, it taught him not to get caught next time.

God bless those two dogs. I hope for Mr. Chedester that God finds a way to come into his life and that he treats his dog better than he did those two. I would ask him a question though — Mr. Chedester, how would you feel if someone hurt or murdered your dog?

Thank you!

Barb Redlinger