Keep working toward Medicare for All

Dear Editor,

Big Pharmaceutical companies are at it again.

Already this year, 60 pharmaceutical companies jumped prices of over 300 drugs, some by as much as four times the rate of inflation. And the worst part is, it’s perfectly legal.

If a pharmaceutical company wants to inflate the cost of life-saving medications, they can go right ahead without anyone stopping them.

That’s what we get in our current for-profit health care system. Profits over people, profits over livelihoods, profits over lives.

This is exactly why we need Medicare for All, to provide people quality health care when they need it and put profiteering healthcare capitalists out of business for good.

Working people who rely on prescription medication to stay healthy and alive cannot afford these prices.

The fact is, the pharmaceutical industry and the lobbyists they hire have almost all the power when it comes to our health care system. They set prices, keep working people sick and make us pay.

But when working people are healthy, we are powerful. That’s why we need to keep organizing for Medicare for All, so we can get the health care we need.

Medicare for All is the best chance we as working people have of upsetting the status quo.

We must work together to win.

Ben Lofton



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