Socialism and the Coronavirus

Dear Editor,

In light of the Coronavirus I would like to make a couple of comments.

As you already know, many of the candidates for the progressive Democrats are leaning towards or openly confessing their love of socialist and communist ideologies. What is sad is many of our young people having been indoctrinated into this cult are openly endorsing the “1984” George Soros world of the new Democrat party. We have so many historical realities of the failure of Socialism/Communism with the most recent being the destruction of Venezuela. Over 100 million people had been murdered or died because of this ideology in the 20th century. It kills initiative and destroys society progression.

Now comes along China and the coronavirus. A recent news story was on our local radio that stated that there was a massive increase in the detection of what I believe they said was sulfur dioxide outside of Wuhan China. Wuhan is ground zero for the coronavirus.

According to the story, this sulfur is caused by the burning of organic materials … like possibly … bodies. According to the testers the amount of bodies that would be needed to produce this much sulfur dioxide was 14,000. If you haven’t seen the videos coming out of China, I warn you, do not watch them with children. They are scary.

The socialist/communist government is employing a lot of draconian methods of containing people. In many cases they are physically barricading people in their homes to either die of the flu or starvation. The Chinese government was aware of this disease as far back as December. The scientist who warned them was immediately arrested and thrown in jail. He is now dead from the virus. Thank you socialism for not only arresting him but now allowing this virus to be unleashed on the world. The socialist/communist government of China did not ask for help. They hid it from the world and their own people. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the R-naught value of infection compared to the regular flu. The Spanish flu of 1918 had a R-naught value of 1.8. The coronavirus has a minimum value of 2.8. This is what Socialism gives to you.

Many Americans do not trust the official reports coming from China and many are questioning the actual numbers being reported. A side effect of this disease will be future economic investment with China.

If the government cannot be trusted to tell the truth why should anyone invest or set up corporations with them? This is the Chinese government. This is Socialism. This could be the future of America if we elect a Democrat president with a Democrat House and Senate.

Pray for the Chinese people and the world.

Randy Marple



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