Stance hypocritical

Dear Editor,

I am a 62 year old cradle Catholic and recently when traveling on National Road in Wheeling, West Virginia, I noticed a lot of white crosses. I pulled into St. Michael’s Parish parking lot, and read that the white crosses represented the number of abortions in America. A banner read “A nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope.” St. John Paul II.

I immediately thought hypocrisy and self-righteousness of my own Catholic church. The banner should have read, a Catholic church that protects and condones a pedophile priest sexually molesting a young, catholic child, is a church without morals or ethics.

The reason for my anger is that the Catholic church is condemning women that had an abortion, but yet is promoting and protecting sex-offending pedophile Priest. What hypocrisy the Catholic church is exhibiting!!

Recent news that victims in Pennsylvania of court convicted pedophile priests will not be getting paid is another slap in the face of integrity for the Catholic Church.

Why are these court convicted Catholic Priest not required to register as sex offenders?

Why has the council of Cardinals and the Pope not excommunicated these guilty court convicted sex offending priest?

The lack of integrity and ethical standards of the senior Catholic church leadership for continuing to harbor these court convicted guilty Catholic priest has resulted in distrust and dismay in the Catholic congregation. Are we the Catholic congregation to trust priests, bishops, cardinals with our young Catholic children’s lives?

Which is the greatest sin? The adult ordained Catholic priest that sexually abuses young Catholic children, or the Catholic woman that has a abortion? Only God knows the answer to this question.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to voice my concerns with my current Catholic church.

Robert Miller



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