Dear Editor,

As I look upon the American landscape, I have only one word to say to my fellow Americans of this great country: Enough!

We have allowed the perverse and destructive too much leeway for too long. This is no longer a civil battle between ideologies of Democrats and Republicans but a civil war of totalitarianism and freedom. Our children, black and white, have been manipulated and bubble wrapped too long by our overindulgent tolerance for perversion of societal norms and disregard for the rule of law. This country is the best hope of a world gone mad and if the new world global socialist have their way we will be nothing more than a memory in their insane desire to create a one world government, religion, and court. It is time that you and I actually start saying no to what our universities are teaching our children. Look around you at the result of your $30,000 to $50,000 per year tuitions. Look at your courts and lower elected offices.

Look at our churches where our pastors and priests preach on climate change and social justice. Enough! Enough!

There are rats in the cornfield and it’s up to us to chase them off. Quit relying on Trump for everything. They aren’t after him. They are after you and me. He is in their way.

Quit being scared by the politically correct thought police of mainstream media of sharing your heart about the upheaval going on in this country.

Did our forefathers cower to evil? A thousand, no a million times, no! We reap what we have sowed. We gave up on our child’s schooling because we were too tired from work or wanted to be their friend instead of a parent. We went along with whatever the news media said because we were trained like sheep to do so. We ignore those conservative thinkers who are thrown off of social media platforms because they don’t tow the line of marxist ideology. And on Sunday we worship at the feet of athletes instead of at the foot of the cross. Enough! There is only one hope for this madness. Pray for repentance. Evil rules the land but prayer and repentance can save it. It is time to awaken the sleeping giant called the American church to follow it’s great commission to preach the saving grace of Jesus and the cross to all the world or it will go down into the pit of hell because it sat cowering within its four Laodicean walls. Are there any Isaiah“s out there who will cry, “send me Lord…send me.” Are there?

Randy Marple



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