Praise for a dear friend

Dear Editor,

With all that is going on today, I would like to tell you about a special person that makes life better in our area.

Her name is Lillian Payne, I call her “Cookie Lil.”

She is a widow with married children. She loves to cook and bake. She will call her children and say, “I have a meal today. Would you like to join me?”

They come with joy and love to her table.

My, what a mom!

Almost every day she bakes cookies to give away.

Who to?

Her friends, the ill, the elderly, the needy, nursing home friends, except now nursing homes will not accept “Cookie Lil” because of the the “virus.” She will be back when the doors open.

Catholic Charities have received baking from her to their delight. “Cookie Lil” is there for everyone. She brings joy, love and cookies to all.

Watch! One day you may open your door and there will be “Cookie Lil.”

Molly Blazek



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