Grandparents’ Rights

Dear Editor,

So the Purple Riders had a cross-country race today, an invitational at Meadowbrook. Because of COVID, it was restricted to only parents and siblings.

The next invitational is also restricted, and then come OVAC, District, and Regional, etc.

The decision evidently hasn’t been made yet for those races.

I don’t think it’s fair for grandparents and other close family to not be able to go to these types of events.

This team is in Ohio.

I think West Virginia decided to let grandparents go to these types of events.

I have always supported my kids and grandsons in events, and I really look forward to them.

Especially with this damn COVID, it’s the only thing I do.

I hope someone in Ohio can push hard, like they did in West Virginia, to open these events to more family. Someone please help.

Linda A. Anderson



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