Open Sand Hill

Dear Editor,

It is becoming increasingly frustrating dealing with the closure of Sand Hill Road (County Road 4). This has been going on since late summer of last year. First there was a traffic light at the slip which was fine. Now however, the road has been completely closed since March. I feel this entirely unacceptable for a county connector road (Ohio 149 to 147) to be closed this long. To get to St. Clairsville is now 20 minutes or better out of the way, leaving a lot of us to shop in Wheeling or Moundsville instead.

Supposedly there is an eminent domain issue – should this not have started way back last year to be resolved? Certainly if any of the upper echelon of Belmont County, such as judges, commissioners, etc., had to get to St. C. from Key, upper Sand Hill, McClainsville Road, Trough Run, etc, this would have been dealt with long ago.

Now for the most troubling part, McClainsville Road has been the ‘go to’ way of getting around the problem area.

My concern is that this township road is nearly impassable in bad weather, bringing me to wonder if there is a fire or medical emergency, how long of a wait time could there be? Neffs Fire Department could be at any of the above areas in just minutes with the road open. Spirit of ’76 is certainly close, but what if they’re on another call? This would leave a wait time much longer than necessary for the aforementioned areas.

Please Belmont County, do whatever it takes and finally resolve this problem.

Jane Matz

Bellaire, Ohio


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