Ohio’s AG

Dear Editor,

As Ohio’s attorney general, Dave Yost is supposed to represent the interests of the people of this state, not Donald Trump and his failed presidential campaign.

But that’s exactly what Yost is doing by intervening in a lawsuit to throw out ballots cast by Pennsylvania voters, simply because the Trump campaign is desperate to create doubt around the results of the election.

Just like all of the Republicans in D.C. that are “humoring” Trump and going along with his schemes, Dave Yost is playing political games.

However, it’s even worse when Ohio’s top law enforcement official uses the power of his office to push a false narrative and attempt to overturn the will of the voters.

Let’s keep in mind — the relatively small number of ballots that are being contested would not change the results in Pennsylvania. That isn’t stopping Dave Yost from wasting Ohio taxpayer resources on this shameful exercise.

Remember, he is wasting Ohio taxpayer resources to disenfranchise Pennsylvania voters by having their vote not count. How would you feel if Pennsylvania’s attorney general did the same for your vote?

In two years it will be time for Dave Yost to go before the voters and explain why he decided to side with Donald Trump instead of democracy. I won’t forget. Will you?

Amy Shaw Yevincy

St. Clairsville


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