The Election

ear Editor,

I’ve been reading the book of John and Luke in the Bible.

I search the Word of God a lot to see what is really happening around us.

One of the main things that Jesus impressed upon His disciples was that he would send the Holy Spirit and that he called His spirit, ‘the spirit of truth.”

After watching the news the past few weeks, I am finding earthly truth in short supply. It’s not just the fact that the election was stolen by those who want to have totalitarian control. No, it’s something deeper.

It’s the fact that 50 to 60 million of our fellow citizens voted for a political party that removed God from its platform.

Read it yourself if you don’t believe me.

It’s the fact that they voted to continue to murder babies in and outside of the womb.

It’s the fact they voted for a grown man to be able to walk into a bathroom with someone’s 5-year-old daughter. It’s the fact that they voted to deny Israel, “the apple of God’s eye” and yet support those who would kill you and I in an instant if we did not follow their teachings.

It’s the fact that they voted for unknown “big brothers” to watch our every move and sensor our 1st amendment right of free speech. It’s the fact they voted for those who harassed, beat, and burned anyone or anything while destroying our heritage and our law enforcement. I could go on but my heart is broken for them and for this country. Jesus said they have eyes and do not see and ears and do not hear. We have failed those around us. We let a few turn this country against God back in the 1960’s and now we are on the edge of a cliff of our own making. I don’t care about the 15 to 20 million fake votes. It was the actual 50 to 60 million that did vote for Biden that breaks my heart. Somewhere along the way the church and family failed them. But, we continue to pray for this nation and all its people. We are going to reap the whirlwind from this election no matter if it’s a win by Trump or Biden. But maybe, just maybe, there will be many who repent and that will be God’s victory.

Randy Marple



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