Time for Change in Ohio Marijuana Law

Dear Editor,

My name is Matt Saxton. I live in Knox County. I work in IT and was a journalist prior.

I also was in an SUV crash at 3:16 p.m Sunday, Aug. 10, 2003. Since then, I have suffered from degenerative disc disease. I also have chronic radiculopathy.

A few years ago, I took opioids for pain relief. Fentanyl. Oxycontin. Some I do not remember.

In 2019, I moved to Canton for a career change. My physician recommended I see a medical marijuana specialist.

I went. Hesitatingly. I was raised conservative. I was told it was bad.

Dr. Steven Davis made me feel comfortable. I got a card. I tried it. Finding a product that worked took time.

Products were limited.

Eventually, I found a product that worked.

Then, I got sick with what doctors now believe was an early case of COVID-19. They told me I was going to die. I married my wife and moved to Mount Vernon.

I could not vape for a while. The product then went off the market.

For nearly a year, I have suffered. Products remain sparse.

Michigan offers better products with my Ohio medical marijuana card at a cheaper price, and I can pay using my debit card.

Michigan offers medical and recreational.

But the cost is prohibitive. Recreational is taxed at 16%. In Ohio, it is cash only.

Members of our State Government, when will you help people as me?

Yours truly,

Matt Saxton

Mount Vernon, Ohio


119 Mansfield Ave.

Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050



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