Dear Editor,

As of this writing, Mr. Biden has done more to destroy our autonomy as a country than his mentor, Barack Obama.

It seems very hypocritical for an acting president who claimed in the debates that a man who uses executive orders to rule a country is a dictator yet has signed more executive orders (40) in his first ten days than the total of his three predecessors during the same amount of time.

The results are overwhelming. The increasing use of tax dollars for baby killing, loss of tens of thousands of jobs, the lending of money to foreign countries based upon their pro-abortion support, the destruction of women’s sports in support of alternative lifestyles, new energy restrictions that will make us dependent on foreign governments, and the backstabbing of Israel to recognize those who wish the Jewish people destruction. And let us not forget benefits for illegal aliens and the relinquishing of the border wall.

No wonder his recorded speech at the Super Bowl was loudly booed.

The majority of Americans know this man is making us into a banana republic for world globalist oligarchs.

God is judging us.

We sat back and said, “Trump will protect us and stop the left.” Well church, God didn’t allow that.

There are no more gray areas for the body of Christ. Are we going to have courage and point out these atrocities?

Do we serve man or do we serve God?

We must stand for all the Bible and the Constitution.

We are at a crossroad.

It may be an awakening of the church or severe judgment. It may well be both.

All I know is God’s plans are perfect and His will is perfect … and sometimes those plans include stern discipline for a sleeping Laodicean church.

Four years the left made false claims against truth.

As things fall apart, it is our commission to spread the gospel and the real truth.

Randy Marple



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