Shadyside’s Sharing Tree 2020

Dear Editor,

I start these Letters to the Editors every year by saying, “another year has come and gone,” but I have to put in there that this has been the CRAZIEST year ever!

I don’t think I need to say more. Everyone reading this knows the ups and downs and horrible times we’ve had in 2020.

However, I can honestly say, even though this has been an extremely rough year, WOW, what generous people we have even in the midst of a pandemic.

I was actually very worried about the Sharing Tree this year and wasn’t quite sure if I could get donations OR people to take stars since it’s also been a financially tough year for some.

I was wrong! People stepped up and I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I know my mom and dad are also. Before Mom passed, she had put in 20 years of starting this wonderful program. Now believe it or not, next year will be the 30th!

I want to thank all the people in this article from the bottom of my heart who stepped up and helped. I might not have gotten the donations I usually get, but the businesses and people who did, they were very generous. Every year I type this, I pray that I get everyone’s name in here. If, for some reason, I accidentally forgot someone, I didn’t mean to and I’m sorry for that. So if there was anyone, please forgive me.

As you will see, there were MANY people who helped to make 125 Shadyside students smile on Christmas morning. I’m hoping you all will be able to help me out next year, too. By the way, this was the most students on the Sharing Tree ever! They were all taken, or were taken care of with the donation money.

Special shout out to Fran Sobray for cutting out all my stars and to my daughter-in-law Nikki Butts for preparing my stars for me, too.

The following people are the wonderful people who made this program successful. Leona Middle School Staff, Jefferson Grade School Staff, Jillian/Mike Whitfield, Jordan Nicodemus, Chuck/Cindy Soltysiak, Tiffany/Mark Skapik, Michelle Sabatasse, Tim Soltysiak, Tara Soltysiak, Cathy/Randy Dierkes, Rachael/Eric Haney, Connie/Greg Nicodemus, Susan Sulek, Hillview Garden Club, Lauren/Craig Elliott, Jonell/Zach Tolzda, Cat Sloan & Family, Ashley Smith Family, R Barber Shop, Valerie Moore, Alana Hendershot, Zach/Morgan Klug, Brooke/Tanner Hull, Cathy Minor Ramsay, Randy/Jocelyn Zandron, Carlini’s Pizza, Wegee Methodist Church, Methodist Church Pastor Filburn & Family, James Edwards, Hunter Gust, Erica/Matt Jarrett, Emily DelGuzzo, Pam Hartley, Shadyside Ladies Auxiliaries, Karen/Ronnie Clark, Adam Lucci, Amanda Lucci, Central Grill, Susie/Paul Krajnyak, Katie Moore, Jacob Dierkes, Sarah Dierkes, Shadyside High School NHS, Mickey/Joe Sedinger, Sara Wilson, Jen Gregan & Family, Jesse O’Donnell, John Stanko, Germaine Helms, Bre/Luke Burkhardt, Molly Roberts, Brianne/Jayson Johnson, Darnell/Tony DeFelice, Shelly Hertler, Kim/Zach Parker, Sue Schmelick, James/Ellen Johnson, John/Bethany Perkins, Greg Mehlman, Suzanne Persinger, Olivia Thomas, Laura Bennington, Misty Kissell, Lana/Mark Holenka, Brenda Kovalyk, Bruce Warren, Megan/Jason Albright, Shadyside Huntington Bank workers, Rudy/Martha Zatezalo, Amber Bundock, Jerrika Gilbert, Pam/Tracey Watson, Abby Swallow, Michelle/Eric Carpenter, Carp’s Carry Out, Gina Holmes, Melissa Grover, Michael/Marcie Meintel, Janie/Mike Meintel, Catie Blackwell, Jake Haswell, Sean Grinch, John/Melanie Haswell, Nathan/Nikki Butts, Kathryn Hartman, Joseph/Carla Doyno, Mary Ellen/Chuck Dimmick, Joe/Linda Sadowski, Dan/Sandy Boyd, New Life Fellowship Church Pastor Joel, Shadyside Ladies Civics, Jeanne Brosh, Melissa Beltrondo Klos, Shadyside Flower Shop, Scott/Bobbi Jo Kinemond, Shadyside Chase Bank workers, Dr. Zak/Heidi Chrisagis, Joe/Stephanie Dvorek of Dvorek & Son, Cindy/Webb Alwine, Michelle/Brent Wolgemuth, Georgeann/Chris Stillion, Donna Joseph, Patty Palenicek, Marsha Zebrasky, Teresa Ritchea, Jerry/Karen Narcisi, Sally/Ronnie Bobek, Tana/Frank Cline, Brian/Lyndee Reynolds, Jan/Larry Brubaker, Tom Ryncarz, Kucera Heating & Plumbing, Raze International, Debbie/ Tom Brown, Holly Amos, Fran Sobray, Kelly Foster, CJ LaRoche, Michelle/Jim Edwards, Tammy Selmon, Lisa Kapiskowski, Leighanne Burkett, Kelsey/Noah Atkinson, Shadyside Tiger Band & Band Patrons, Loretta Schirm, Tiffany Crozier, Craig/Shannon Neavin, Shelly/Steve Doughty, Jennifer Magyar, Amy/Tom Lowe, Doug/Jody Palmer, Tabitha Bensie & Family, Britnee Moore, Carrie Nippert, Reni Boltz, Todd/Jennifer Schau, Samantha/Shannon Trifonoff, Lisa Fijalkowski, Aaron/Olivia Silverio, Pam/Rich Melanko, Lynn Emery, Cindy Hughes & Family, Krista Cerklefsie, Michelle/Jay Husek, Chasity VanDyne, Melanie/Josh Meyer, Teri/Michael Marling, Melissa Sadlowski, Rhonda/Jason Greenwood, JP/Stacey Dutton, Morgan VanCuren, Jordan/Josh Stevens, Kitty/Roger Lewis, Kim Ostrander, Bridgette Blake, Janell/Rob Brown, Susie Heslop, Tish Garrison, Layla Brock, Sonya/Dan Janovich, Kimberli/Greg Green, Lonie/Doug Campbell, Jay/Sandy Morgan, Lynne Kolenich, Karen Bryan, Judy/Rich Silverio, Maddie Pacifico, Jeannie Fankhauser, Kim/Rae Scott, Brian/Dana Hendershot, Ohio/W.Va. Excavating, Tom/Karen Baltzell, Lynn Davis, Leslie Rubich, John/Penny Grinch, Rochelle DelGuzzo, Barb Carpenter, Charity May, Gina/Aaron Walker, Pat Kosek.

As you can see by this list, people in my wonderful town of Shadyside are totally awesome. However, I must say, my friends from Florida, Columbus, my work crew, North Carolina, and lots of others who helped out weren’t from Shadyside. They did it out of the kindness of their hearts. I hope to hear from you all again next year for the 30th year!

Prayers that 2021 will be a better year for some. Anyone out there who lost loved ones from COVID-19, my prayers go out to you and your families. Thank you, once again, from the bottom of our hearts!

John and Melanie Haswell


Sharing Tree Coordinators


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