Democrats’ first 50 days in office

Dear Editor,

Any one Democrat or Republican that could vote for impeachment with all the lies and fabrication of videos, plus all the past statement that has been said by other Democrats and Republicans in the past four years, they are all just as guilty if not more than who they are trying to impeach.

This was by far the biggest kangaroo court us Americans have ever seen. Every house manager should probably clean his own porch (he who cast the first stone) before talking about someone else, or better yet resign from office if this is all they know is to lie, fabricate and change the 1st Amendment, let alone the Constitution, to make a case. If this all they have to do for the American people they should be spending more time on running our country.

You could have went to a playground and pulled kids from a sandbox and put on a better trial performance of this impeachment and the trial before. This proceeding was a disgrace to American citizens. Any Senator that did not acquit Trump should be voted out of office just on the fact of fabricated videos, lies, the misinterpretation of the Constitution and breaking their own house rules.

Trump’s attorneys had to teach them about the Constitution let alone their house rules.

One of the biggest wastes of taxpayer money ever spent. The Democrat preach unity (one nation under God) when they could not have done a better job of dividing the American people. We the people need to remember this in the midterm elections. While the trial was ongoing, Biden signed more executive orders than any other sitting President and America lost thousand and thousand of high-paying jobs while Democrats want to raise minimum wage to $15 and it’s OK to cut higher-paying jobs. Gas prices have not stopped increasing at the pumps.

By opening the border it may increase the COVID pandemic. The border should have remained closed until all restriction had been lifted for all Americans. It makes no sense to stop construction on the border wall and put a fence with National Guards around the Capital to protect it. Would you not think the country should have been protected first?

They pass a Stimulus with 9% going to the to the Americans and bail out states that do not manage their money and stay locked down with restrictions. Who knows what else they are wasting money on? Nothing should have been in that stimulus except for all Americans that need help. They changed the name to American Rescue Plan (they should have called it New York California rescue plan). That proves that Pelosi and Schumer are running this country.

Now they’re on gun control they want to take our guns or pass law that will make it impossible to purchases guns, but they will let anyone cross the border. Also spend thousands of dollars to guard the Capitol but we the people are not allowed to protect our homes. They promise change to the COVID response. Nothing has changed from the Trump administration on same path. One good thing: we are 50 days closer to the midterm election. We the people need to remember this in the midterm election and we should do what Trump has been preaching.

You just can’t make this stuff up. God bless America.

Wayne Blinco



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