State should provide local health care

Dear Editor,

I am a resident of Belmont County. Hospitals in Martins Ferry and Bellaire, Ohio, have closed over the past three years. Recently it became public knowledge in the local paper that West Virginia University has acquired Barnesville Hospital in Barnesville, Ohio. My question is why?

As a taxpayer in the Great State of Ohio, I have a burning question: how is it that West Virginia University is taking over our community hospitals in Southeastern Ohio?

I pay taxes in Ohio that support seven medical schools (six MD and one DO) in the state of Ohio, so why is it that none of these medical schools are helping us redolent taxpayers with our health care in the southeastern part of Ohio?

If I have to get my health care through WVU, will I get a tax break from Ohio since West Virginia is providing my health care?

Do take note Gov. DeWine, there is more to Ohio than Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. I guess our votes in Southeastern Ohio will be needed for resolution of this health care issue.

Robert Miller



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