What is ‘first’ in America?

Dear Editor,

I look forward to, and enjoy reading, the ‘Opinion Page’ here. But often, I find myself needing to rebut, or flat out repudiate some political expressions here. I’m often pleased to read the expressions of gratitude towards civic minded and care-giving people of our area. Great use of this format. Thanks to The Times Leader for that.

The caustic political divides of these days are deeper and darker than at any time I can recall in my lifetime. And I was witness to the Pittsburgh, Hill Street riots of the late ’60s (and happy the Fifth Street, PAT bus was not turned upside down) … East Liberty was found to be a sanctuary.

So, the recent hate for Trump, Rush Limbaugh, the wealthy, Fox News and NewsMax is understandable. I understand it. What I don’t understand is the glories bestowed upon President Biden. It would be easy for me, and redundant, to recite the positives of the “America First” idea of the previous administration here.

So please, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo and Fauci supporters, give us ignorant, misguided, Neanderthal deplorables just a glimmer of hope as to what in your America is “first” and what will be “last”?

God bless and keep America.

Sam Fregiato

St. Clairsville


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