Hypocrisy about illegal immigration

Dear Editor,

Where is the useless Biden administration?

Illegals crossing the borders, children and adults being housed in facilities over their capacities, reports of children being abused physically and sexually on their trip to the border and after crossing!

If any child care facility were operating in this manner, they would be immediately closed down and people prosecuted!

Where are all the screaming idiots accusing President Trump of keeping kids in cages?

Your total hypocrisy now is just sickening.

Boycotting states because of so-called voter suppression and human rights violations, yet jump right in bed with communist China while they have dissidents in concentration camps, forcing sterilization on Uyghur, and making them live in hell!

Democrats carp about compassion for the illegals at the border yet say nothing about communist China!

Do you really think we need the communists this much?

President Trump was decreasing our reliance on China and corrupt politicians on both sides have extinguished all gains he had made, for what the mighty dollar!

Every one of these corrupt (politicians) needs to go immediately, and all of you hypocrites need to look in the mirror and place the blame for all of these inhuman atrocities being committed!

Thank you, and God really does have to bless America!

Dwain E. Knight



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