Soft totalitarianism

Dear Editor,

What is soft totalitarianism?

It will be the end of freedom for anyone who doesn’t tote the “Great Reset — build back better” one-party line of the future. All you have to do is look at China’s social credit scores and you will understand the control mechanism that the oligarchs of the world will instill everywhere.

In the USA they are now testing what is called an ESG score. This means you will receive a ranking like your regular credit score but it will be based on E — environmental consciousness; S — your views on social justice; and G — governance as in your willingness to obey what our government implements into law.

If you think this fantasy, think again.

One major stock company is already experimentally rating their clients by their ESG score. So where is this going?

Let me give an example.

You belong to a national organization that supports the Second Amendment, your ESG score goes down. You support pro life movements, your ESG score goes down. You own a company and you use a lot of travel, which means a higher carbon footprint, your ESG score goes down. If you write your congressman on the shutdown of churches in response to COVID your ESG score goes down.

Low scores will eventually mean less ability to get loans or possible restrictions to buy products online.

You may not be able to travel by plane or train.

How do I know this?

They are doing it in China and China is the petri dish for the world order that the elites want to install. If you think they don’t know what you say or do, think again.

We live in a surveillance society where everything we do or say is stored in the cloud system. Our phones, our computers, our televisions, our automobiles all record and store data on us.

Again this hasn’t been implemented yet in our country but it may come to us.


Control, control, control.

Welcome to the Great Reset. Remember, Jesus will have the final victory.

Randy Marple



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