Ignorance is our real problem

Dear Editor,

I’ve spoken to a number of Times Leader subscribers who are disappointed with the Opinion Page. I’m OK, as I choose to read most all and appreciate the few conservatives published. I also appreciate when my “Letter” gets ink. Re: (subject) Ignorance.

The often published letters sent by just a few people are not representative of majority of this circulation (in my opinion). So, I submit rebuttal to this past Mother’s Day weekend issue.

First, “Racism.” Police don’t need fixed … society does. If a cop asks you to “Dance!” don’t try to run home to get your tap shoes! Just obey the law … and the lawman! They don’t care if you are green. It’s that simple (again ignorance).

Lastly, “Environment.” Whether you believe God created the earth, or not, man will not destroy it. I suggest all tree huggers to read “Apocalypse Never” by Michael Shellenberger (by the way, I’d hug a tree if I thought it would save us).

The author was such a person until he studied beyond the (again) ignorance.

Our young people do not have to grow to fear of a manmade doomsday. Nor, should law enforcers be feared or defunded. America’s number one problem for years has been ignorance. And that leads to disrespect of many things.

We have a problem. Learn, think and live.

Sam Fregiato

St. Clairsville


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