Seniors cut short

Dear Editor,

As a member of the Ohio Valley Catholic Community and Tte Diocese of Steubenville, I am compelled to address the sad issue of theft from within that was blasted on the 6 o’clock news this evening!

Parishioners attend Mass weekly, tossing their money envelopes into the collection baskets. The majority of these church-goers are senior citizens, living off their pensions and Social Security checks. They take for granted that their contributions and donations will be received and used wisely, in the best interest for the church in which they call home. And then, they hear this disheartening and very alarming news report. Can you imagine how they must feel? Especially since most seniors give out of their poverty, rather than their wealth!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, forget, forgive, and go on. But this time we should make certain that this “unlawfulness” inside our diocese never happens again!!!!

Lois Rizzo



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