Global Government

Dear Editor,

The recent meeting of the United Nations was one of the scariest gatherings that has occurred to freedom in the 21st century. I speak more to the outline given by the Secretary General than to Biden, who is a lap dog to this globalist agenda. No, the plan of the United Nations, with the destruction of America by the Biden administration, Congress, our military leaders, national media, and education system, would lead quickly to the one world government that the Bible speaks of in Daniel Chapters 2, 7, and 9, Revelations 13, 17, 18. These are just a few books and chapters that apply to pre-tribulation and tribulation events. Please remember that in the first eight months of 2021, Biden’s administration has produced record illegal immigration, record debt and deficits, record inflation, surging crime, surging COVID cases, and the Taliban’s humiliating defeat of the U.S. We must understand that the Deep State and Biden are desperately trying to replace America’s leading role with the UN’s and World’s Economic Forum’s Great Reset world government. On Sept. 13, 2021, it was reported that UN Secretary General. Guterres released a document titled “Our Common Agenda.” It calls for a new UN-led world structure. It also has a New Agenda for Peace which could be the foundational structure for the Tribulation Period that begins with a peace agenda (covenant) in the middle east. It supports a new financial system based upon a digital one-world currency that allows the tracking of all buying and selling. (Rev. 13:16-18) Guterres wants the G-20 (leaders of the world’s 20 leading economies) to restructure the global financial system For example, on a smaller scale, the current infrastructure bill wants tracking of all withdrawals and deposits by the IRS from your bank account over $600. The UN wants to mandate global vaccinations. Guterres wants “multilateralism with teeth.” In other words, to be given the power to force globalism on the whole world and remove the power of nations. Guterres wants world leaders to hold a “Global Summit of the Future” in 2023 to ensure global policies are being enforced. Guterres called this his “New Agenda for Peace.” This may all lead to the foundational platform a world leader will use to come into power. (Daniel 9:27) Lift your heads. Jesus is coming for His true church.

Randy Marple



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