National priorities are skewed

Dear Editor,

So this past week the Chinese sent a hypersonic missile around the world.

This seems impossible!

The Chinese are only earning advanced mathematics, science and technology degrees.

Why aren’t they striving like us for those highly sought after gender studies and diversity diplomas?

It’s impossible to imagine how they achieved this without being triggered, having safe spaces, speech codes, and gender specific restrooms.


They aren’t concerned about CRT but are concerned about ways of winning a war.

I mean … clearly we have much more important priorities than to develop the ability to defend ourselves in the future. This is madness.

We worry about the petty and inane, while our enemies have strengthened themselves to challenge us in military superiority. China pulled this off because they understand that a military exists to fight and win … not to meet diversity quotas.

Our national and military leaders have either been asleep at the wheel or are aiding and abetting our enemies.

What is worse … the average American just doesn’t care.

Woe (judgment is coming) to those who are at ease and carefree in Zion. Amos 6:1

Randy Marple



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