Reader critical of opinion pages

Dear Editor,

The Times Leader’s editorial page has been filled with Biden-bashing pieces this summer. Syndicated columnists as well as local writers are regaling us with imaginary Biden deficits.

The self-annointed religious experts would have us believe a sensible Democrat is a harbinger of “end times” and quote various obscure Bible verses to prove their delusions.

The Trump cultists continue to promote the big lie regarding the election and scheme to return their defeated hero and his idiotic antics.

The most disturbing are otherwise sensible people who obsess over their “freedoms” and quote the Constitution in defense of their opinions. They missed the news that it was enacted in 1787; things have changed in the intervening 234 years — that’s why there are 26 amendments to it.

Having a President who deals with today’s reality — rather than appealing to out-dated prejudices — is a refreshing change. It would be good to see that acknowledged in our paper’s editorials. You could start by again running Connie Schultz.

Tom Morgan



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