Renew library levy

Dear Editor,

I got my first library card when I was about 10 years old. In each place that I’ve lived, I have always had the privilege of having a library card at my local public library.

Upon returning to my hometown of St. Clairsville, I made sure to update my card pretty much immediately.

As a book lover and a parent, it was the natural choice for me to sign my 9 month old daughter up for Mother Goose Story Time. Since 2015, we have had three more children and have participated in numerous children’s programming through the St. Clairsville Public Library, including story and toddler times, special holiday programs, outdoor activities including our library working with other local programs to increase community education and outreach. My daughter is now seven years old and is anxiously anticipating getting her very own library card.

To me, a library is as important as schools are for our children, except that they are for every age and member of our community. It’s our place to read, to learn, to borrow books, to visit friends, and a place to spend a morning when the weather isn’t very nice. My kids have gained valuable social skills and a love of books and reading.

Also, I’m fortunate our school has the resources and support of our public library to help supplement my children’s education as there is not current library programming within their school.

I am very proud to be from St. Clairsville and to be entitled the opportunity to enjoy all that our library provides. My four kids love going to the library for any reason, but especially to visit with the resourceful and hard-working librarians and staff who feel like family to us and make all of this possible. Please vote YES to RENEW the library’s current levy for all of our kids!

Stephanie Nicely

St. Clairsville


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