Voters were misled

Dear Editor,

Did Joe Biden lie about Hunter making money from China and other foreign countries during his campaign?

Yes, he absolutely did, and now all of these countries, especially communist China have Joe in a very compromised position!

Our country is in jeopardy now simply because the FAKE NEWS and all of social media refused to allow Americans to see any of the corruption that was happening by not covering any of it, by corrupt former military and government officials calling it DISINFORMATION, and social media by blocking and even censoring any discussion about it.

They all coordinated and colluded in election interference, and they won!

Millions of voters have said if they had known any of this it would have changed their votes.

I really hope you Democrats are happy with the fact that you followed the Fake News and corrupt social media and let them make up your minds instead of you being a little diligent in your own investigation of the facts.

Just for the record, Hunter’s laptop is REAL and most of the information contained in it has been verified as true!

How many times are (you) going to be willing lied to before you stop following like sheep?

And, Hunter did lie on his federal firearm application, a felony, and as of yet, corrupt Democrats have failed to prosecute him!

God bless America.

We definitely need it right now!

Dwain E. Knight



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