Deep State criminals

Dear Editor,

How can liberal Democrats continue to support your party with all of its criminality and coercion with the Deep State that allows for the two tiered justice system. The release of the Durham investigation only exposes more of their criminality.

Democrats and Comey lied to the FISA courts!

Hillary, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Clapper and many others lied to the courts, Congress and the American people, and none of them have been charged or prosecuted!

Hillary destroyed at least “30,000 subpoenaed emails, phones, computers, SIM cards and allowed lawyers without clearances, access to classified information! And not one of them were ever charged or prosecuted, but any Republican or supporter gets investigated, raided, jailed and prosecuted for any and everything!

No Deep State? Every person that had their lives ruined, spent their life’s savings trying to defend themselves during the corrupt Crossfire Hurricane lie, should be able to sue the government and individuals responsible for their loses and damages! Without consequences, and holding democrats and the Deep State accountable, we are turning into a corrupt Third World country controlled by criminals!

If your hate for one man (Trump) and your lust for power are justification for our country’s destruction, continue voting your straight ticket!

But if you really care about the rule of law and our country, every democrat from the local level to the national elections should be defeated to take power away from the destructive democrats! These same criminals (the Deep State) are doing everything possible to hide and not prosecute the Hunter Biden possible tax fraud and money laundering schemes involving at least 12 Biden family members, multiple bank accounts, LLC’s and at least $10 million!


And why aren’t Democrats calling for more investigations of the possible corruption? Power? Think before you vote, God bless America!

Dwain E. Knight



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