Dear Editor,

After 30 years and 9 months of growth and development (Eccl 11:5, Lk 1:28-35, 2:40-52, RSV), Jesus the Christ became the resurrection and the life (Jn 11:25-26) at his baptism when he fulfilled all righteousness to God the Father’s great satisfaction.-Mt 3:15-17 At that time, Jesus also became God’s High Priest (Heb 5:5-9), God’s Living Lamb (Jn 1:29), God’s Good Shepherd (Jn 10:14-15), God’s Rock (I Ptr 2:4,8), God’s Warrior (Zeph 3:17-18), and God’s Judge of all (Jn 5:22).

During his subsequent three-year ministry, Jesus, though nearly dead, defeated Satan in the wilderness (Mt 4:1-11), forgave sins (Mk 2:1-11, Lk 23:34), granted eternal life (Jn 3:15, 36, 5:24, 17:2), discussed with Moses & Elijah “. . . his departure from Jerusalem” (Lk 9:31), & provided vital commentary on his crucifixion & resurrection (Jn 8:28-29, 10:17-18, 12:27-33, 16:7-11).

On the cross, when prompted by God’s revelation (Jn 5:17-22, Mt 24:34-36), Jesus the Christ triumphed over the grave because he glorified God by perfecting grace (Eph 1:9-10, 2:8-9) in his words of spirit & life.-Lk 23:34, Mt 27:46, Jn 19:30, Lk 23:46 He literally saved the world & sustained the universe to this very moment by his revelation of the Father.-I Jn 4:14-18, Heb 1:1-4, Jn 1:14-18, 17:26

In thirty-three years & nine months, Jesus the Christ became the Alpha & Omega incarnate -the New Creation.-Rev 1:8, Lk 24:39

Have a joyful Easter.

W.M. Yavelak



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