Remodeling is a good time to revisit house insurance


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Spring is a great time to begin those remodeling jobs around the house that will add freshness and value to a home. When that occurs it’s always a good idea and time to revisit your homeowner’s insurance police.

Scott Carnes with M.C. Thomas Insurance Agency in Bridgeport concurs. The M.C. Thomas Insurance Agency at 892 National Road, has been serving clients since 1954, offering the policies from Westfield, Erie and Western Reserve Mutual and State Auto.

“It is always recommended when doing remodeling to contact your insurance agent to review your policy and confirm that you have adequate coverage on your home. Adding room additions, decks, kitchen and bathroom remodels are examples of improvements that can increase the value of your home. There are discounts available for installing a central monitored home security system. The discounts vary for each company.”

Determining the value of a home takes into consideration a number of things. “Insurance companies calculate the value of a home based on several factors some of which are the square footage of the home, the construction of the home being brick or frame, the higher grade of kitchens and baths are just a few of the many factors in the calculation of the replacement cost of a home. A good rule of thumb is to contact your insurance agent to conduct a review of your coverage,” Carnes said.

Warm weather also means thoughts turn to outdoor and recreational pursuits. Maybe a new boats or ATV is in the future to make those times more enjoyable. Having the correct amount of insurance coverage on those items is just as important as wearing helmets and seat belts.

Carnes pointed out, “All recreational vehicles are fun and enjoyable but do pose a liability risk. All recreation vehicles should be insured for liability in case of an accident. Depending on the age and condition of the recreational vehicle physical damage is available for the protection of a collision, fire or theft of the vehicle.”

While you are at it, maybe it’s time to talk about life insurance. This type of insurance can provide the peace of mind to the buyer and your loved ones.

“Life insurance is a topic most of us do not like to think about, discuss or even think we can afford. The truth is that life insurance is affordable and extremely important for your family. Ask your insurance agent for a free quote and just see how affordable it is. Life insurance can enable your family to pay off medical bills, personal financial obligations or the help needed to send your child to college. Life insurance helps ease the financial burdens for your family,” Carnes added.

For more information about home, life, business, auto or any other type of insurance, contact Carnes at 740-635-0873.


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