‘Greenery’ the natural choice color for home design

WHEELING — The color green really is a neutral color in the world of home design for 2017.

The season’s “color of the year, “ as selected by Pantone, is “greenery” — a hue encompassing the green colors seen in nature. The complexion of grass, pears and apples is especially fashionable this season.

“Greenery” also is the base color being used by designers at Lynn Buch Interiors as they set forth the design scheme for the new Health Plan building in downtown Wheeling.

“Our selection of this color was to add a sense of life and wellness to this project,” said designer Laura Bush. “We loved the color — even before it was the color of the year. It just evokes a feeling of life and happiness.”

And “greenery” isn’t limited to just use in a commercial setting, she said.

“We think it’s great to take a neutral palette and throw in some actual greenery,” she said. “But you can actually pop with some throw pillows or a blanket. These are easy ways to add the color of the year.”

If someone is looking for more permanent “greenery” in their home, they might consider a green leather sofa, Bush suggested. Another idea would be to paint the walls green, and balance this with neural furniture, she said.

In the kitchen, a display of green apples increases the feeling of life and wellness that’s stylish this year.

“Greenery” mixed with white creates a crisp, clean look.

Other colors popular this season also go well with green. Especially popular with “greenery” is the classic “navy” blue or “blush” pink.

“Navy” is always a favorite color for decorating, but its desirability has been increasing in recent years, according to Bush.

“It’s fun to take a classic animal print and do it as a ‘navy,'” she said.

And there’s no need to be embarrassed about adding a touch of pink this year, as “blush” is an equally desirable color for 2017.

“It’s just a whisper of a color — very relaxing and subdued,” Bush said. “And it can be easily mixed in with other colors.”

As for those who prefer the classic neutrals, shades of gray continue to be popular, she said. A favorite used by the designers is a grey-beige hue called “greige.”


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