Steps to achieve a better work-life balance

Many people face the challenge of balancing work and family. Workloads may be hefty on both fronts, and the pursuit of a healthy balance between home and career may seem like an unattainable goal.

Stress can build from feelings of being pulled in too many directions. According to Mental Health America, stress can compromise  a person’s ability to concentrate, lead to feelings of irritability or depression, negatively affect personal relationships, and weaken immune systems, increasing a person’s susceptibility to a variety of ailments. Research even indicates chronic stress may double a person’s risk of having a heart attack.

The desire to have a fulfilling career and a full life at home is a goal shared by millions of people across the globe. But it’s important that one’s pursuit of such goals not come at the expense of personal health. Living a fulfilling life often involves finding the right work-life balance, and the following tips can help make that possible.

– Establish your priorities. Make a list of the things that are most important to you. Having this list put on paper can make goals more attainable. Think about the main things you want to focus on in life and go from there.

– Learn to manage your time. One of the keys to creating a work-life balance is to hone your time management skills. Effective time management can help you fit more in without feeling rushed or anxious. Start by determining just how much time you need to perform certain tasks. Then divide up the day accordingly. You may find that by waking up an hour earlier each day, you achieve a lot more without affecting your well-being. Quiet time at home in the morning can be a prime time to fit in a workout or catch up on paperwork. Don’t procrastinate. Stick to your schedule so you don’t feel stressed and as if you are constantly rushing around. Complete one item before you move on to the next.

– Communicate effectively with your bosses. Be honest with your bosses or colleagues if you feel like work is negatively impacting your home life. Supervisors may be flexible and receptive to feedback if it means keeping good employees happy and productive. Bosses may allow you to work from home or be willing to arrange a flex schedule.

– Unplug at home. When spending time at home with your loved ones, disconnect from your devices, especially those that connect you to work. Making yourself too available for work can be a detriment to your health and family.

– Divide your responsibilities. Allow family members to tackle some chores or other household duties so it will free up more time to spend together. Schedule a mental break each day. Give yourself time to perform one activity per day that you really enjoy. This will help you recharge and manage stress even further. Activities may include sports, hobbies or exercise.Finding the right balance between work and family requires some maneuvering and practice, but it can be achieved with planning, organization and communication.


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