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WHEELING — From razor blades to dog treats, from steaks to cosmetics, the savvy shopper can assure an ongoing supply of the items they use on a daily basis through a multitude of online subscription services found at the end of their fingertips.

And yes, those services can even bring Christmas to happy fashionistas on a monthly basis, as a new pair of shoes, cosmetics or even new outfits can be directed to arrive on their doorsteps every 30 days.

Starting with the “subscribe and save” option at Amazon, customers can set up regular monthly deliveries of items they most purchase — such as toothpaste, paper towels and laundry detergent. These deliveries can be skipped or canceled at any time, and sometimes come with a discount.

Sitting at home at the computer can make the homebody hungry, and there also are website subscription services to fill stomach needs.

Subscribers at Naturebox.com receive a monthly package containing samples of five healthy snacks. Those wanting meals can look to BlueApron.com, where ingredients for entire meals can be delivered for less than the price of a take-out pizza per week, per person.

There are also a wide variety of beverages available through subscription to wash it all down.

Those signing up at Par Avion Tea can receive one full-sized 4-ounce premium loose leaf tea every month at a subscription, while Craft Coffee promises the freshest coffees direct to the coffee connoisseur. And Club W recommends at least three new wines each month to enthusiasts, which they may purchase for a set price.

Sites offering cosmetics and fashions each month are among the most popular in subscription services.

Gwynnie Bee offers larger size clothing subscription boxes to those wearing sizes 10 to 32.

At StitchFix.com, the customer receives five clothing items each month hand-selected by a personal stylist. The customer then has the option to “keep what you love, and send back the rest,” and pays only for those items they select.

Likewise, at Shoe Dazzle, a new pair of shoes can arrive on a woman’s doorstep each month for a set cost.

At Rocks Box, customers receive three pieces of designer fashion jewelry for less than $20 a month. They have the option of keeping the pieces for as long as they want, or returning them for others. They may keep three pieces a month for the subscription price.

Those seeking cosmetics and skin care items can subscribe to well-know Birchbox.com. Each month, the subscribers receive samples of five different products for a set price.

Men and women needing shaving products also can subscribe to the Dollar Shave Club, where they select a razor and accompanying blades for use.

Blades are delivered to the home each month at a cost below that in stores.

And the family pets also can’t be ignored. At BarkBox, human masters receive boxes of nutritious animal foods and pre-selected toys for their animals.

Shopping services aren’t psychic in determining what to send their subscribers, as selections are intended to be based on customers’ own tastes. Those subscribing to shopping services should be aware that they likely will be asked to complete a long survey to determine their likes prior to receiving any items.


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