Living centerpieces set receptions apart

Weddings are special occasions for all involved. Guests may look forward to the ceremony and festivities to follow, and couples who are hosting do not want to disappoint. Brides and grooms often look for new and innovative ideas to set their weddings apart from ones they may have attended in the past.

While budget often determines what couples can and can?t do at their wedding receptions, brides- and grooms-to-be can prioritize certain components if they are looking to impress.

Centerpieces are one aspect of the reception where couples can get creative without breaking the bank. Flowers are popular centerpieces at weddings. But even with cost-cutting measures, such as choosing in-season blooms, bumping up the filler-to-flower ratio and opting for low-profile centerpieces instead of towering alternatives, couples can expect to pay around $2,000 on wedding flowers, offers The Knot, a go-to resource for wedding planning. But opting for the following clever living centerpiece alternatives might not only impress guests, but also do so on budget.

∫ Choose potted plants. Potted plants can serve as both favors and reception centerpieces. Live plants also can be an eco-conscious decision for couples who are interested in incorporating “green” elements into their weddings. Couples tying the knot in the autumn can place mums inside of a hollowed pumpkin or gourd. Spring and summer weddings can be enhanced by miniature rose bushes. Winter weddings may be dressed up with small evergreen trees or potted holly.

∫ Marine life draws attention. Couples can opt for inexpensive freshwater fish to add ambiance and a focal point for the reception tables. Small goldfish bowls can be decorated with gravel that matches the color of the wedding theme. One lucky guest at each table can take home the miniature aquarium after the festivities.

∫ Butterflies are whimsical. Some cultures or religions view butterflies as a symbol of endurance, change, hope, and vitality. Incorporating butterflies into reception centerpieces can make guests feel like they are stepping into a living garden. Small, mesh-lined cages filled with foliage and butterflies might add that special touch.

Living centerpieces offer something different from floral centerpieces. However, because live plants and animals may be part of the display, couples need to account for their welfare. This means ensuring they will be cared for after the wedding, or in the event of butterflies, released into the evening sky.


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