Metal roofing with an expensive look, but not price

From Staff Reports

BEACH CITY, Ohio — Homeowners looking to improve their property with a new roof now have an option that looks costly but actually is quite affordable.

Amos Hershberger, owner of Amish Country Roofing in Beach City, Ohio, said a new metal roofing option called “Legacy” has the profile of expensive standing seam roofing at a much lower price. It has exposed fasteners like standard metal roofing, but they are covered with a hood to protect the neoprene washers from UV rays. That guarantees they outlast the metal.

“It has probably been the hottest roofing that I have ever sold, because it looks awesome,” he said.

Hershberger said a standing seam roof typically costs about three times as much as a normal metal roof, but the new Legacy panels are much less expensive. The new panels, with their shielded screws, require less frequent maintenance and will last for many years, he said.

“One of the biggest concerns with metal roofs is that those neoprene washers will dry out and leave hole,” he said, noting that could eventually lead to leaks.

Since a home is one of the biggest investments one can make during their lifetime, replacing the roof that shelters and protects that investment from the elements is important and worth the investment.

“One of the biggest complaints I get is where someone went with the cheapest price because they were going to try to save money and they ended up having a big mess,” Hershberger said of occasions when he is called to repair work completed by another company. “Of course I have to charge them to do the repairs, but it would have been cheaper in the long run to hire me to do the job.”

Doing some research and being sure to hire a reputable contractor is the most important step in roof replacement, according to Amos. He added that a contractor asking for money up front to cover materials might be a sign of trouble. Amos said that with the exception of especially large jobs, Amish Country Roofing does not require payment until work is completed and the customer is happy with the results.

Amos advised strongly against using a handy-man contractor or attempting to tackle roof repairs yourself. He indicated that only those who do roofing for a living are truly qualified to take on what can be dangerous and technical work.

Pride in workmanship and a professional cleanup are other hallmarks of a good roofing contractor.

“The only thing I want a home owner to see when he comes home is the roof. No Dumpster, no debris, just a nice and clean work site.”

Amos started Amish Country Roofing 18 years ago. His brother-in-law, Duane Coblentz, is a partner in the business after spending years as an employee. The company installs metal roofs, shingle roofs, gutters and more.

For more information about Amish Country Roofing, call 330-473-8989 or visit amishcountryroofing.com.


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