Enrollment on the decline

Letters to the Editor

Ohio has a new school-based concern: decreased enrollment. In an Ohio Capital Journal report, Interim Superintendent of Public Instruction Stephanie Siddens said decreases in enrollment for the school years of 2019-20 and 2020-21 were expected, but it still is a problem. Total enrollment ...

Helping school districts


We knew it was coming, but some Ohio school districts still find themselves scrambling as another COVID-19 surge leaves them short of staff ... and substitutes. Earlier this month in the Lakota Schools District near Cincinnati, nearly 5% of the 1,400 staff members were out on one day. “We ...

Maps should be completed


Members of Ohio’s Redistricting Commission were told to get back to work — and do the job right — last week, when the state Supreme Court tossed out the Republican-drawn maps that were submitted. A majority of the court sided with voting rights advocates and Democratic groups who said ...

Finding some comfort on these frigid days


The past week has been a perfect time for some “comfort food,” and it appears that will hold true in the days and weeks to come. When snow is blowing in the wind or piling up on the ground, there’s not much that is more comforting than a good, warm meal. And when the mercury dips into ...

Worthwhile COVID innovations


Plenty of people are ready to say good riddance to everything remotely related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a few of the developments and innovations that resulted from it are worth hanging onto. When the illness arrived in the United States in early 2019, nearly everything ground to a halt. ...

Take care of your greatest asset


For the last two weeks we have been in our “southern office” outside of Orlando. With the latest COVID surge, more meetings are virtual. We flew out of Charleston just ahead of a snowstorm. Because of the pandemic we learned to work remotely. We can now work anywhere there is a good ...