A Healthy hobby in tune with nature

Retired nurse discovers passion for photography

WHEELING — Retired nurse Marsha Boissy of Wheeling has allowed little grass to grow under her feet since wrapping up her career last year. Grass, however is very much a part of Boissy’s daily life. So are squirrels, birds, flowers and deer.

Boissy and her husband Leo, a retired student adviser from Wheeling Park High School, are daily walkers, and their favorite haunt is Oglebay Park.

It’s in Wheeling’s pristine park that the couple shares their love of nature and a healthy walking routine.

Boissy, who worked 41 years as a nurse in cardiac cath labs and intensive care at Wheeling Hospital and Riverside Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, also is pretty handy with a camera. So each day on their walks, Boissy captures nature at its finest in the form of pictures she takes with one of several digital cameras she owns.

A recent collection of photos taken at the park with her Nikon D7200 have been saved in a self-published book she recently completed. The book is not something she is selling, but made as part of a family history. She titled this scrapbook collection of pictures “Oglebay, Our Walks Through the Seasons.” Each of the four seasons are seen through ice and snow, blue, sunny skies, brightly colored plants and flowers and new life emerging among the wildlife.

“We also sometimes walk the trail by Wheeling Hospital, but my favorite is Oglebay. I see something new every day,” Boissy said. “A friend of ours said ‘We walk the exact same trail and you see things we don’t.'”

Boissy said, “When I’m walking and something catches my eye or I hear a bird, I stop and look. I love what is created by God.”

While the couple starts their walks at four different locations in the park, Boissy said “I just follow Leo.” She admits she’s an early riser out of habit from her working years and hasn’t mastered the art of sleeping in.

Boissy’s hobby of creating picture books has included photos of special occasions, getaway weekends, and of course, her two grandchildren, ages 8 and 5.

“I’ve made picture books from their births and every year since. I go on Pinterest for ideas to add things to the books. I wished I had a book about me as a child so I want my grandkids to have them,” Boissy added.

Boissy said it’s a relaxing hobby taking the pictures and composing the books. She said her husband’s hobby is his beautiful flower gardens at their home with a few vegetable plants for good measure. She has taken many pictures in the gardens, especially of the hummingbirds that visit.

In her Oglebay picture book she summed her life this way: “The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.”


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