Ohio Hills Health Services providing aid to those in need of health insurance

BARNESVILLE – Ohio Hills Health Services is providing assistance to individuals affected by the COVID-10 pandemic.

The pandemic has resulted in some area residents recently losing their unemployment and subsequently their insurance. OHHS is providing assistance to those individuals and helping them to obtain insurance. Area residents can enroll in the Marketplace if they have life changes like losing health coverage or having a baby, or if they qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. OHHS has a certified application counselor available to review options and assist individuals to enroll in the Marketplace. Those who apply do not need to be a patient at OHHS to take advantage of this service.

“OHHS is a federally qualified health center and part of our mission is to provide quality healthcare regardless of an individual’s ability to pay,” said Jeff Britton, CEO at OHHS. “Deanna Mooe is our certified application counselor and she is available to assist area residents to obtain insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. OHHS also offers a sliding fee discount program for those who qualify.”

Health care costs have risen faster than the median annual income. High insurance premiums, high deductibles, copays and other out-of-pocket expenses are just some of the costs that make healthcare prohibitive for some individuals.

Deanna Moor, certified application counselor at OHHS, receives annual certification training via the Marketplace Learning Management System so she can provide Marketplace application and enrollment assistance to consumers.

All consumer information is protected and kept confidential.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment with Moore, call 740-239-6447 ext. 1035.


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